Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Man. I 'm like, famous or something.

Every now and then, I get a case of insomnia. I work nights and go to school during the day, so this sleep issue is fairly infrequent.
Last night, I was wandering around Kevin's site and was having a bit of a chuckle to myself as the Usual Suspects were giving Marka-tannerite-delphia a good bit of hell about, well, everything.

There was a bit of a sticking point wherein I decided the internet needed my input in order to continue in a state of being, so I rambled and ranted my way into the culminations of 1000 drunk monkeys with keyboards.
Apparently, I got something right for once.
Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while.

The only problem with my ranting is that the response I got from the site's token liberal.......didn't come close to making a bit of sense. Ever.

I enjoy reading Kevin's blog, as well as commenters therein (i.e. U-J, et al). I suppose I will have to make more of a habit of doing so in the ensuing days.


  1. I'm curious as to what part of my response didn't make sense. I'd be happy to continue the discussion here as I am usually responding to 8 zillion people at once at Kevin's site. No worries if you don't want to and yes, you should post more on your blog.

  2. Welcome, Mark.
    Glad you could stop by.

    I have no problem discussing anything with reasonable people, however I do just hate taking up exorbitant amounts of room on other people's blogs if I can help it.
    The main problem I have here is that given your predisposition to the ideology of the left, I don't see you taking much into consideration the things that fall outside your own "truths".
    This is where I gave up.
    The objects in question that did not make sense were already mentioned in Kevin's comment section. It seems you take large leaps from one thing to another without mention of the substance that comprises the middle.
    Many of the points that I think you were trying to make did not line up. Hence my apples vs. minivans comment. Should you decide to re-arrange them into something a bit more coherent, then I will gladly read what you have to say, even if I disagree strongly with it.

    FWIW, I am a centrist, of sorts, at least when it comes to some things. I generally try to inform myself as much as possible before postulating an opinion on anything. I'll admit to being very strongly anti-government, but only because the perverse manipulation of government is bound to happen at some point.
    I have my own prejudices and leanings, just like every other person on the planet. My predisposition to distrusting government is one of my own prejudices that I will always have trouble giving up.

    With those ramblings out of the way, feel free to write what you will, don't forget to proof-read, and toss it out.

  3. I consider myself to be more center left than leftist. I find myself at odds quite frequently with the left regarding issues such as Israel, nuclear energy, the military in general, and even economic issues. Of course, it's all relative. To many on Kevin's blog, who are far right, center left is communism.

    My central point economically is that we live in a plutonomy now. And an oligarchy. I view government as a mechanism used by the aristocracy of this country to further their own ends. Both parties are used this way...not just the Republicans. Read that Citigroup document thoroughly. There is a lot of data and analysis of that data that bears out much of what I am talking about.

    For the record, I don't think the government is the solution to everything. I do think it is the solution to more things than libertarians think, though, and I don't think that makes me a socialist/communist/fascist.